VORIS 2.0.1

A GIS-based tool for Volcanic Hazard Assesment

During the last years the Group of Volcanology of Barcelona has developed many GIS-based tools for Volcanic Hazard assessment, trying to automate many of the analysis required for the computation of volcanic hazard maps and scenarios. We have integrated them on a single tool called VORIS (Volcanic Risk Information System). A description of the objectives of this tool can be found in the paper:

Felpeto, A.; Martí, J.; Ortiz, R. (2007) Automatic GIS-based system for volcanic hazard assessment. J. Volcanol. Geotherm. Res. 166, 106-116.

VORIS 2.0.1 requires ArcGIS TM 9.1 by ESRI© with Spatial Analyst extension.

From this site you may download the tool (a mxd file and a compressed file with the simulation models) and the User’s Guide. Please, fill in the form below before downloading the files. Any suggestions or feedback will be appreciated.

We intend to migrate VORIS to a Open Source GIS, probably gvGIS ( http://www.gvsig.org/web/ ), so, no further developments are planned for VORIS 2.0.1 on ArcGIS TM

Please, fill in the form and send it to Alicia Felpeto (afelpeto@fomento.es)